The truth behind skincare labels

Alice Baxter

Posted on December 09 2020

The truth behind skincare labels

It’s easy to believe that all skincare products on the market are full of ingredients that are good for you and kind to the skin, but unfortunately, not all of them are.

Searching for anti aging skin care products can be a difficult task these days, as there are so many beauty-related words to look out for. Words like “natural” or “clean”, paraben-free and fragrance-free, among others. So, what do these terms really mean?

At TruPure Organics, we want you to become your own skincare expert. With a little guidance, you can learn what ingredients are good, how the skin changes over time, and how to care for your skin with anti-aging wrinkle creams and anti-aging serums. Not only this, but you’ll also understand a little more about skincare labels.

So, here’s the breakdown.

The truth behind “natural” and “clean”

“Natural” generally means that ingredients are sourced from nature - marine, plants and fruit, which is usually plant based skin care.  

So, if a skincare product labels itself as “natural”, it will contain some of these ingredients. The trouble is, many mainstream “natural” products still contain some unhealthy nasties!

Did you know? A product does not need to be made up of only the earth’s resources to earn the label, just high levels.

There are, however, a lot of brands on the market that are passionate about being as “natural” as possible, including TruPure Organics.

There are a lot of amazing benefit-rich natural youth-boosting skin tightening ingredients like plant-based stem cells, bioretinols, extracts, peptides, oils, and juices that target dry skin, deep wrinkles, sagging skin and crepey neck.

They contain the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that feed the skin and are vital to repair, revitalize and restore.

When it comes to fragrances in “natural” products, they are generally made with essential oils.

These can also be harmful to the skin, especially sensitive skin.

So, it is best to opt for products that are naturally scented, meaning the aroma has come from a natural source like fruit extracts or plants.

To summarize, “natural” is always a label to look out for, just double-check the ingredients list to ensure all are safe.

“Clean” means that a product doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, such as; paraben-free, fragrance-free, petrolatum-free, etc.

Don’t be fooled though, as “clean” doesn’t necessarily mean “natural”, they may simply contain safe man-made ingredients.

In a nutshell, “clean” is always a good direction to go in.

The truth behind GMOs, parabens and phthalates

GMOs are “organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally.” Also called “genetic engineering.”

Parabens are used in beauty products to preserve shelf life by preventing mold and bacteria.

You might find these listed as butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. It is said that parabens can disrupt our hormones, linking to reproductive issues and breast cancer.

Phthalates are used in cosmetics as softeners.

They are known to be endocrine disruptors and are linked to breast cancer and reproductive birth defects. Phthalates are also known to have some possible effects on hormones.

Best to be avoided!

Animal testing

TruPure Organics is forever cruelty-free. We love our furry friends and never test products on them. We have plenty of humans willing to test our formulas.

Our ingredients

We are a pure and natural anti-aging skincare line made up of original formulas.

Born out of four years of research and testing along with chemists and scientists that utilize the incredible power of plants.

We don’t use anything, even if it is natural, that irritates the skin and encourages premature signs of aging.

Each scientifically-backed ingredient in our anti-aging cream and anti-aging serums has a skin-boosting role, whether it’s skin tightening, preventing deep wrinkles or naturally firming a sagging neck, or hydrating dry skin.

Find TruPurity with TruPure Organics

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