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Trupure Organics Botanical Beauty Bag

Trupure Organics Botanical Beauty Bag

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Keep your clean, natural beauty products stored properly when not in use.

Trupure's botanical botanical beauty bag is lightweight but strong enough to protect all your beauty products from damage and exposure to sunlight. A must for travel or home storage. Our generous size bag holds a lot more items than most bags and is made from a sustainable alternative to leather. Lined in solid green fabric.

Fabric: Cotton/poly. 

Closure:  Zipper.

Dimensions 10” x 8”.

Care: Hand-wash.

Exclusive Trupure Organics Design.

Eco-friendly cotton / poly bag

    Designed to keep contaminants and sun light out
    Safe, non-toxic, and recyclable for longer usage with proper care

    Guarantee 30 day results
    Guaranteed 30 day satisfaction or Your Money Back
    TruPurity promiseNatural. Clean. Non-Toxic. Vegan