Best Vitamin For Dry, Aging Crepey Skin

Best Vitamin For Dry, Aging Crepey Skin

Best Vitamin For Dry, Aging Crepey Skin

Vitamins are hugely important for our bodies to function properly. And, while food is the best way to get vitamins for dry aging crepey skin. We do not always get the vitamins we need from what we eat.

This can happen for many reasons beyond our control. Sometimes our bodies just cannot process vitamins due to disease, or we just don't like foods that are good for us.

Our skin is much more important than we think for our health. Appearance is just one of the issues we battle daily. But dry or crepey skin can tell another story going on in your body.  Usually, it's the sign of something more.

Skin dryness can have many forms, such as eczema, roughness, psoriasis, red scaling, sagging, wrinkles, peeling, and more.

Nutrition should be top of your list along with taking the proper vitamins with antioxidant properties that will help with oxidative stress.

Many women, as they age, start to have issues with dry or crepey skin.  And, there are ways to help control skin conditions.  Always do your research before deciding on a solution to your issues. And follow a proven skin care routine daily.

Trupures Crepe Cream with vitamins

Sun Exposure

As we age, we start to lose elasticity in our skin, so we should sit out less in the sun. Sunscreen can help and you should use it if you are going to the beach for sunlight.  Always check with your doctor before a vacation and make sure to ask about UV damage.     

Always Check With Your Doctor

Always make sure if you have anything going on with your skin to check with dermatologists.  Anything like cracked or rough skin can be a sign of something else.  You may want to ask if you have a vitamin deficiency.  


Many women do not know, but gut health and probiotics can help in making new skin cells. They can help your immune system by replacing your gut bacteria, especially if you have been on antibiotics recently.  You might be surprised to know most red blood cells come from your gut. And, the healthier your gut is, the better off the skin health can be.  Having a healthy gut can also help relieve some forms of dermatitis.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 can be very helpful for your skin by relieving inflammation in your body.  You can get a good amount of it from seafood such as fish or you can take a supplement.  Fish oil can also help.

Vitamin D

Vitamin d supplements can help heal your skin and help dry skin conditions. We mainly get D from the sun and some other foods. But, vitamin pills can also help if they are vitamin D3.  Vitamin D2 is what a doctor usually prescribes on a short-term basis.  D3 offers much better protection for your skin and should be a part of any skincare routine.  D should be taken with Vitamin K for optimal bone health.  Vitamin d is more of a hormone and can cause issues if taken in the wrong form. 

B Vitamins

Vitamin B is an energy-producing powerhouse and can also help in healing and repairing your skin.  The B vitamins to watch out for are niacin, biotin, and panthenol.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Niacin or vitamin B3 is a great skin nourisher and conditioner. It helps combat dry skin and UV-damaged skin. Also,  vitamin B 3 is an active ingredient in most skincare products as it helps combat wrinkles and fine lines.


Biotin or vitamin B7 feeds the skin with important fatty acids that seal the skin from water loss and reduce oxidative damage. Consuming plenty of biotin also helps prevent dry flaky skin, brittle nails, and dry hair.

Cobalamin (B12)

Cobalamin is an essential B vitamin that helps reduce skin dryness and inflammation. Also, our bodies need this vitamin for cell reproduction, an essential process for healing skin problems.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is crucial in slowing down the effects of aging, both on the inside and outside. This vitamin, also known as retinol,  is available in most anti-aging serums and supplements. Our bodies cannot produce vitamin A, so we consume the vitamin in food or supplements.

Vitamin A contains an ingredient tretinoin which reduces wrinkles on the face by boosting the production of the protein collagen. Also, tretinoin stops the enzymes that digest collagen on the skin, hence helping the skin maintain its structure even in old age.


Antioxidants are essential for the skin aging process.  They help to fight free radicals and the damage they can cause.  Most damage is caused by UV light levels, things we put in our bodies, and pollution.  These all have detrimental side effects on skin types, hair, weight loss, and more.  

The best antioxidants for combating wrinkles, fine lines, and crepey skin are;

  • Curcumin
  • Resveratrol
  • Selenium
  • Coenzyme Q10


Curcumin is an ingredient in turmeric and a vital antioxidant for wrinkle and fine-line reduction. As a polyphenol, curcumin has been found to slow oxidative stress and cell degeneration. It is one of the least talked about anti-aging solutions but its popularity in the skincare world is slowly growing.


Resveratrol is the compound that gives raspberries and grapes their color, but it is also an active antioxidant that targets fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. When you make berries your staple, you get plenty of resveratrol which protects the skin from the damage caused by excess exposure to UV light, a common culprit of this damage being crepey skin.


Selenium is another active antioxidant that helps fight the free radicals that cause oxidative stress on the skin. Combined with other enzymes, selenium helps slow down the physical and mental deterioration of the body as well.

Coenzyme Q10  

If you have come across skincare products with the ingredient CoQ10, it is one of the most powerful anti-aging antioxidants out there. Our bodies produce coenzyme Q10 to help in digestion, but scientists also discovered that this vital coenzyme can help reduce wrinkles too. Coenzyme Q10 reduces the onset of aging by limiting oxidative stress in the body. Doing so, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps improve skin smoothness.                        


Moisturizers can help to keep your skin hydrated because they usually have some form of water (hydration) along with vitamins that can heal and keep your skin healthy. 

Using these is taking care of the outside part of your skin. Remember a good plan for skin care is taking care of it from the inside and outside and not just using only one.  Trupure Organics makes a skin moisturizer that can aid in keeping up with your skin goals.



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    Anna: May 09, 2024

    Same here! It started at your age, now with 67 it has got worse. Arms, legs, stomach…. Face so far is OK. I use fillers twice a year. I think there are just two options
    Gain weight and “fill” up the skin from inside or sty creepy 😭

  • Author image
    Andrea: March 30, 2024

    I’m 59 and I just in the last 6 months my skin has started being all dried up and creepy and I cannot stand it I’m so embarrassed for this summer to wear sleepless shirts I’m not going to do it if my arms look like this so I’m looking for solutions

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