Who is Paulette, founder of TruPure Organics

Paulette has worked in and around the beauty industry for over 40 years.  In creating TruPure she is consolidating the lessons of a career spent working with the world’s greatest beautify icons.  It took four years for Paulette to perfect TruPure Organics products, passionately working alongside doctors and scientists. The result? A best-in-class, clean, natural, anti-aging line that provides visible results. 

 Discovering The Skin Care Gap

It was in the intense environment of publishing women’s fashion magazines, amongst the world’s most elite models, actors, photographers and beauty professionals that Paulette had her first masterclass in skin care.  She observed their routines, and noted, over the decades, how they aged.  She later supplemented this experience with decades of reading and research into her own passions for health, fitness, and longevity.

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Even in the 80’s and 90’s, Paulette observed vast differences between what these beauty icons did, and what her friends and family did back in Ohio, even while adhering to what most women consider ‘best practices’ for skin care.  Poor skin care habits limited the impact of even the best products.  Over the following decades, she observed this gap widen as science and technology improved, but marketing obscured what was really important.  As time passed, she witnessed the cumulative impact of these differences in skin care - the celebrities who seem to age so much more slowly than the rest of us.  

Paulette sees this as unfair and unnecessary.  Women who commit a lifetime of discipline to their skin care, their health and beauty, deserve to see the rewards of all that work.  She has devoted herself to bringing the results of her research, and the secrets of a lifetime of experience in the beauty industry, to as many people as possible.  Paulette’s focus now is on sharing the best skin care practices, and developing products that are natural, sustainable and supported by hard science.

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