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Paulette's Story, Founder/ President of TruPure Organics

About TruPure Organics Skincare

Going from never looking at a skincare’s ingredients list decades ago, to creating a clean luxury natural, anti-aging line has been an incredible journey.

I tried almost every serum, moisturizer, and potion known to man. A true skincare junkie looking to fight against the aging process. After learning about the unhealthy (and sometimes toxic) ingredients going on my skin, I wanted to move over to the natural world. 


Going Natural Wasn't Easy

I found many mainstream ‘natural’ products still contained some unhealthy ingredients and became alarmed as I learned more. Harmful additions could also be legally hidden on the label under fragrance and cause unseen inflammation that promotes the visible signs of aging.

I tested out handmade natural products but they mostly lacked the strength needed. They often used essential oils which also can be harmful to skin. And I was dissatisfied with the poor results. 


Research that Changed Everything

While researching and educating myself, I came across amazing natural youth-boosting ingredients like plant-based stem cells, bioretinols, extracts, peptides, oils, and juices. They contain the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that feed the skin and are vital to repair, revitalize, and restore. I found exactly what natural skincare products needed to work, especially for anti-aging.


Taking the Tall (and long!) Leap to TruPure Organics

For decades I desired to create my own anti-aging skincare line. It was now time. Although I was more educated I tapped into the brilliant minds and experience of scientists and chemists. 

Along with being clean, natural, and non-toxic, they were to be vegan and free of chemicals, fragrances, dyes, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, and cruelty. In fact, I had a whole list of specific unhealthy ingredients they could not contain. Another must: Packaging in eco-friendly glass so containers could be reused or recycled and wouldn’t leach chemicals as they can with plastic. That was when my TruPurity promise was born. 

Was it a tall order? Yes! It took four years to perfect TruPure Organics products passionately working alongside chemists and scientists. It is worth it because it led to a clean, natural anti-aging line that provides visible results.


Powered by Plants. Backed by Science

It’s no surprise that many widely used medicine has come from plants. And our body automatically knows how to process them. Plants also contain powerful antioxidants that shield from damaging free radicals that make skin look more aged.

 For example, one of our most popular products No More Crepe and Decolletage Cream uses an amazing fast-acting bioretinol. Standard retinol has been around for decades is and prescribed by doctors for crepey skin. Our fast-acting bioretinol works incredibly to boost elastin and collagen production without causing any peeling, stinging, itching, or sensitivity to sunlight like standard retinol. To target crepey skin as a whole the cream contains more plant-based goodness like hyaluronic acid, acai sterols, full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil, and extracts of apple, supercritical ginger, and sugar beet.

Another customer favorite is our Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum made with Sanha Inchi Seed Extract. Its small peptides are clinically proven to restructure the skin and reduce sagginess and wrinkles. Again, that is only one of the many powerful plant-based ingredients in the formula along with our concentrated serum delivery system.

As a natural anti-aging line each and every one of the products is created to target the visible signs of aging. Take a look.

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