TruPure Organics: Our ingredients

TruPure Organics is natural, clean, non-toxic and vegan. Our plant based formulas are born out of decades of research and testing, in collaboration with our team of chemists and science advisors. 

It’s free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, and cruelty.

Our containers are all made out of glass (including our serum dip-tubes) because it’s eco-friendly, safe, and clean packaging.

Plastic can have a chemical reaction with some ingredients and leech into the formula and harm skin.

We employ a dual mandate in composing our products:

First, each ingredient is supported by research - and as the research evolves, so do we. 

Furthermore, we work closely with researchers to determine not only the optimal ingredients, but the optimal combinations. 

For example, research has demonstrated that Bioretinol provides the same powerful results as traditional Retinol but without the harmful side-effects:  Moreover, when formulated in conjunction with Hyaluronic Acid, Acai Sterols, Full Spectrum CBD oil, and a selection of other well-researched plant-based ingredients, the resulting compound is more potent than the sum of its parts. 

Just as important, as the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates said, ‘do no harm’.  We don’t use anything that irritates the skin or encourages premature signs of aging.

Most people are horrified to learn how often common skin-care products may provide a temporary cosmetic ‘fix’, without truly healing underlying damage or preventing further aging. 

Worse still, many companies will try to lower their costs by using inferior products that, in the long run, can actually age your skin. 

At best, you look better for a few weeks, perhaps a few months, but you are not preserving the health of your skin in the long term. 

As time passes, the difference between some cheap cosmetic fix and a true anti-aging routine can make the difference of looking years or decades younger.

We offer a true anti-aging regime with only pure, clean and natural ingredients, supported by research.  And we back up our products with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Please take a look at TruPure Organics, our pure and natural anti-aging skin care line here. 

We Never Do Animal testing

TruPure Organics is forever cruelty-free. We love our furry friends and never test products on them. 

Given the pristine quality of our ingredients, and given that all ingredients have been heavily researched by scientists for many years, such testing would be redundant in any case. 

 Below you will find the benefits of each of our products 

TruPure Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum 

Key ingredients:
Sacha Inchi Seed – Its small peptides are clinically proven to restructure skin and helps sagginess.
Agave Leaf – Vitamin-rich, it fights inflammation and boosts tissue production while helping skin retain vital moisture.
Safflower Oleosomes - Time-released vitamin provides continuous hydration.
Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil – Fights free radicals that reveal signs of aging.

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TruPure Supreme Moisturizer Adverse-Aging Serum

Key ingredients:
Avocado Peptides
– Boosts collagen that plumps the skin.
Organic Aloe Leaf Juice- Nutritional powerhouse instantly softens and soothes while forming a protective barrier to lock in hydration.
Barley Seed – Calms any redness while vitamins help guard against harmful free radical damage.
White Mulberry Leaf – Minimizes age spots and promotes a bright, even skin tone.
Kakadu Plum - Australian fruit that holds rare antioxidants also has one of the highest sources of Vitamin C
- to help firm, lessen dark spots and restore elasticity.
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TruPure Eye/Hand Age Renewal Serum

Key ingredients:
Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Plant Leaf/Stem - Known as the resurrection plant it revives, moisturizes and protects against blue light stress (the harmful light that comes from electronic screens)
Echinacea Stem Cells – Strengthens, enhances collagen and lessens dark eye circles
Kigelia Africana Fruit – South African fruit firms, moisturizes and encourages plumper skin
Amino Acid Peptides – Promotes collagen that plumps skin and decreases fine lines.
Red and Green Algae – Loaded with vitamins and minerals these plants from the sea smooth and lessen lines. They uplift and firm delicate skin on the eyes and hands.

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TruPure No More Crepe Neck and Decolletage Cream

 Key ingredients:

Bioretinol - Next-generation plant-based retinol that promotes collagen, minimizes wrinkles, and fights free radicals.
Hyaluronic acid - Critical in maintaining skin hydration.
Acai Sterols - The isolated fatty acid of this super fruit provides skin-protection and dramatically increases moisture levels.
Apple Extract
- This fruit from the orchard helps to reduce wrinkles while improving firmness and thickness.
SuperCritical Ginger Extract
–  Promotes circulation and calms any harmful skin inflammation.

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