Fight a Crepey Neck with These Natural Ingredients

crepey neck

How did I get a crepey neck? Why does it look older than my face? If you've asked yourself these questions you're not alone.

Faces are known to be the focal point of a woman’s anti-aging skincare routine. However, the naked truth is that the unwanted signs of aging also show below the chin. Sagging, wrinkles and thin, dry skin (all of which makes skin look crepey) will reveal itself on the neck and down into the décolletage.

It makes sense. These zones are regularly exposed to the sun’s damaging UV and UVB photo-aging rays. And most women would confess to not giving the same skincare attention to their neck and décolletage as they have paid to their faces. Like applying sunscreen daily, or using the same grade cleansers, toners, and creams. Combine these factors along with the role of genetics and the natural aging process and you have the loss of firm and smooth youthfulness.

What Can Be Done for a Crepey Neck?

Rest assured, there are plant-based ingredients that are backed by science that can transform and fight a crepey neck to firm, tone, smooth, and deeply hydrate while promoting thicker, plumper skin.

Retinoids for Needed Collagen Production

Topical retinoids are the most prescribed active ingredient for aging skin because they work. One main reason is their incredible ability to promote building collagen on the cellular level. Collagen is critical to seeing plumper, younger-looking skin on the face as well as fighting a crepey neck.

Even better, a next-generation plant-based bio-retinol is now available. And it’s more shelf-stable than mainstream retinoids.

How Bio-Retinol works:

  • Targets the key signs of aging with a noticeable improvement for decreasing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reaches the skin’s deep layers within hours
  • Encourages much-needed collagen production
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Improves elasticity
  • Promotes thicker skin
  • Fights the aging effects of free radicals and skin inflammation

More Elastin, Less Sagging

Elastin is a key player in the war against sagging skin. Along with a bio-retinol, apple extract has also been scientifically proven to promote skin’s elastin production in these specific zones. This orchard fruit also helps to fight wrinkles and promote thicker skin for a visible uplifted boost of firmer and toner skin.  

Deeply Moisturized Skin Looks Youthful

Completely hydrated and soothed skin looks radiant and healthy. As we age the skin produces less oil naturally, leaving complexions looking dry, saggy, and prone to wrinkles. A crepey neck needs to be intensely moisturized and soothed deep down to see and feel real results. 

Hyaluronic acid is an extremely well-known ingredient for anti-aging. A pure ECOCERT certified grade is a cleaner choice that imparts superior hydration and minimizes wrinkles from the inside out, holding 1,000 times its weight in water.

Acai Sterols is the isolated fatty acid of this super fruit that provides loads of antioxidants and dramatically increases moisture levels.

Super Critical Ginger Extract calms inflammation which is not only harmful to the skin but can make it look irritated and red

No More Crépe Neck and Decolletage Cream

Find all of these natural, plant-based ingredients above and more beneficial additions in an eco-friendly glass jar to provide a visibly firmer and plumper looking and feeling neck and décolletage.

crepey neck cream


In seven days of using twice a day, studies have shown a 23% increase in hydration, an 18% increase in your skin's elasticity and 17% firmer skin.  Learn more about TruPure Organics No More Crepe Neck and Decolletage Cream here.


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