How to Naturally Firm and Lift a Sagging Face

fight a saggy skin face

A sagging face mostly shows on the chin, cheeks, jaw (jowls) and neck. It's one of the key signs of aging and can make a person look tired and older than wrinkles alone.

What Exactly Causes Sagging Skin?

When young, substances essential to keep skin firm, plump, and youthful-looking are naturally produced in healthy amounts. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin are three factors that work together to give plumpness, firmness, and elasticity but begin slowing down in production in about the mid-20s. Facial fat and muscles essential for support, especially at the cheeks, also decrease and the skin hangs.

How to Naturally Firm and Lift Skin

Our bodies are amazingly receptive when we care for it! People reap the benefits if they begin a solid skincare routine and make healthy lifestyle choices from when they are young, like in their teens. They won’t dodge the signs of aging, like a sagging face altogether. As they move into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond, these are the fortunate ones that look five or more years younger than their actual age.

However, you can still see incredible improvement if you start making changes decades later after your teen years. Of course, a skincare routine that specifically works to fight saggy skin and protect it from further damage is important. Helping the body from the inside that can cause visible signs of aging on the outside out also plays a role. This means staying hydrated, eating a large supply of foods that promote collagen production and getting enough antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Certain foods and habits should also be kept to a minimum.

A Healthy Diet is an Anti-Aging Weapon  

  • Healthy fats that also contain omega 3’s such as nuts and seeds are classified as superfoods that help the production of collagen 
  • Fruits with high antioxidant power like oranges, acai, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries help skin fight off damaging free radicals 
  • Green vegetables are loaded with valuable skin-loving vitamins and minerals. Fill your plate with spinach, watercress, kale, broccoli, artichoke, and cucumber
  • To make sure you get enough essential vitamins for the skin, supplements such as zinc, collagen, and hyaluronic acid are an option
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day to maintain proper hydration and moisture
  • Cut back on sugar, alcohol, and processed foods
  • Sulfur-rich foods like garlic, onions, and cruciferous vegetables help with the production of collagen. Make these part of your daily diet

Routine Right  

  • Keep a regular skincare routine both morning and night. Use facial products that are going to help fight sagging skin and protect skin from damaging free radical damage and breakdown of collagen  
  • Apply sunscreen every day.  Reapplying every 4 or 6 hours is suggested when in direct sun and wearing a hat, cover-ups or using other physical blockers give added protection
  • Regular facial massage helps stimulate collagen
  • Exercise is great for the entire body and releases endorphins to help combat and manage stress
  • Prolonged stress that isn’t managed isn’t healthy and the unwanted signs show on the skin. Don’t take unnecessary things on, get enough rest, and do things that invigorate you
  • Smoking increases collagen breakdown. Stop or cut back, and keep clear of second-hand smoke

Sacha Inchi Seed Extract, A Superfood for the Skin

 Sacha Inchi is a powerful superfood with incredible benefits when applied topically. The extract contains natural peptides that are clinically proven for their anti-aging benefits. It alters the genes within the facial skin. The results? Less saggy skin and wrinkles. The face looks more uplifted, contoured and sculpted.

Agave Leaf Extract, Nature’s Wonderful Nectar 

Agave is a plant that has learned to survive and adapt to environmental changes. Its vitamin-rich extract boosts collagen and fights damaging inflammation while helping skin keep necessary moisture where it’s most needed. Moisturized skin not only looks healthy and plump but is also less prone to wrinkles.

TruPure Organics Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum

Find Sachi Inchi Seed Extract and Agave Leaf Extract along with other natural, scientifically-backed plant-based ingredients above and more beneficial additions to target sagginess, fine lines, and wrinkles. The Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum is packaged in an eco-friendly glass bottle with a specially controlled push dropper. Serums are an amazing delivery system because each drop is super potent, and ingredients can go deep into the skin.

sagging skin

Safflower Olesomes in the formula provides time-released vitamin e, moisture, and antioxidants to provide necessary nourishment, hydration, and protection. Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil has been called ‘the ultimate beauty oil’ because of its mega high content of vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights free radicals that harm skin, along with containing amino acids known to promote cell turnover.

Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum for Results in 21 Days or Less:

  • Clinically proven to reduce sagginess and wrinkles while boosting collagen production, hydrate skin and guard against unwanted free radicals that damage skin 
  • Formula made with 100% natural, clean, pure, and non-toxic ingredients
  • Free from Chemicals, Fragrances, Dyes, Parabens, Phthalates, GMOs, and Cruelty
  • Eco-friendly glass bottle with a specially controlled dropper that allows for no waste, no mess application
  • Apply the serum twice a day, morning and night for optimal results
  • Easily absorbs and penetrates into the deep layers of skin
  • For all skin types, including sensitive
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Get started with Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum by learning more today. 


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