How to Build A Skin Care Routine in 7 Easy Steps For Older Women

How to Build A Skin Care Routine in 7 Easy Steps For Older Women

Every lady dreams of being the silver vixen with the silkiest skin in the room. 

Yet, not many women know how to build a skincare routine that guarantees a spotless glowing face on their 50th birthday.  Couple that with the busy hectic routine we call life and most of us end up still battling clogged pores, acne, unsightly spots, uneven skin tone, and, you guessed it, crepey skin

Fortunately, having a skincare routine in your senior year does not have to be complicated. You do not have to juggle between skin care products or read every skin care blog out there on what works and what doesn't.

Here is something important to remember.

The best skincare routine is the one that is tailor-made for you. Secondly, go with skin care products that are suited for your skin. Lastly, consistency is key if you want to enjoy the best skin ever even in old age.

With that said, here are the main steps to follow when building a personal skin care regimen. It does not matter how early or late you arrive at the party, as long as you start and remain consistent, you will see the fruits of your labor as you count gray hairs.

1)  Start by washing your face

Wash your face every day, in the morning and evening. As we go through the day, our skin picks up dirt and microorganisms such as germs. These impurities clog your skin pores triggering acne, rashes, and bacterial infections.

Washing your face is the simplest step in establishing a skincare routine. Wash your face with warm water then use a mild cleanser to clear the dirt and impurities on your skin. Using a facial cleanser also removes dead skin cells and excess oils from skin pores; this step is vital for people with oily skin.

Choose a facial cleanser that gets rid of impurities without stripping your skin of its healthy oils. To be safe, avoid facial cleansers that contain harmful ingredients like sulfates

2)  Toning the face

Toners are liquid-based skin products that are used after the cleansing process. Toners remove any remaining impurities and ensure the skin is completely clean. In addition, skin toning products have ingredients that nourish the skin and also provide a foundation for the skin to absorb other skin care products better.

The frequency of using toners will depend on the ingredients they have. For instance, skin toning products containing glycolic acid must only be used once a day. Those that have hydrating ingredients can be used twice a day and won't cause any problems.

3)  Best facial serum

The best facial serum for people over 50 should contain organic ingredients that benefit the skin and contain no harmful ingredients. By harmful ingredients, we mean toxins like phthalates, parabens, and GMO additives often found in cheap skin care products.

When to apply your facial serum depends on the ingredients inside the product. Antioxidant serums are best applied in the morning to add a protective layer to your skin before stepping out. On the other hand, acidic-based serums, like those with alpha-hydroxy-acids or hyaluronic acid, are based on night application.

An antioxidant serum like the TRUPURE ORGANICS Sculpt serum is rich in peptides and vitamins that hydrate the skin and fight free radicals that speed up aging. Antioxidant serums do help in reversing skin damage caused by pollution and UV rays too. Dermatologists recommend vitamin-based serums as the best for reducing the signs of aging and can be used by anyone.

Hyaluronic acid serums work best as skin moisturizers. They help the skin draw moisture to battle dry and dull skin. Also, acidic serums are great for making the skin look healthy and plump.

4)  Include an eye cream

As you make your face plumper, also take care of the fine lines under your eyes. Moisturizer is one way to reduce fine lines or you can go with something specific like an organic eye serum. Eye cream should be applied before moisturizer because it tends to be thinner.

Eye cream is perfect for addressing concerns such as dark circles or puffiness around the eyes. It helps reduce wrinkles, firm the skin, and protect our skin from blue light stress coming from staring at a screen all day. Want to get rid of fine lines, and saggy skin under the eyes, and completely remove premature wrinkles? Get yourself some eye cream.

5)  Treat those spots

Still, fighting black spots in your 50s? You can add dark spots treatment to your skincare routine. Spot treatment is best done at night when the body is repairing itself. To avoid skin irritation, do not mix retinol-based skin care products with spot treatment solutions that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. To be safe, always go for organic skin products that calm and hydrate the skin.

6)  Moisturize,  moisturize, moisturize.

Moisturizing helps keep your skin hydrated and also seals all the other layers of products used. During the day, use a light moisturizing cream that has sunscreen ingredients like SPF30 or more. And as with all things skincare, go for moisturizing products with natural ingredients that hydrate the skin and also address some of the common skin issues.

If you are in the market for a moisturizer that suits all skin types, we recommend the TRUPURE Supreme Anti-aging  Moisturizer Serum. It contains avocado peptides that plump the skin and boost collagen production. Also, this moisturizer serum contains aloe leaf juice for softening and soothing skin and creates a protective layer against moisture loss.

An added benefit of TRUPURE anti-aging moisturizer serum is its black spot fighting abilities. It contains white mulberry leaf which not only reduces the appearance of acne spots and aging spots but also brightens and evens the skin stone.

For the cream at the top, TRUPURE moisturizer is rich in vitamin C which further fights dark spots and firms the skin. If there is one rule that dermatologists live by, it is to always go with skin care products that are high in Vitamin C.

7)  Finish with sunscreen

Always finish with high-quality sunscreen before stepping out. Sunscreen is important because it protects from harmful UV rays that cause the skin to age faster. Harsh sunlight is also a major reason for crepey skin.

Sunscreen creams are available in two formulas; chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen. Chemical sunscreen contains active ingredients like homosalate and avobenzone that absorb harmful UV light preventing it from reaching the skin. Mineral sunscreens contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that reflects harmful sun rays away from the skin.


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