What Tony Robbins Can Teach You About Skincare

What Tony Robbins Can Teach You About Skincare

We have all seen him, the master motivator Tony Robbins.  He lights his way onto the stage clapping and is a force like no other. He has been motivating people for decades with his coaching. 

So What Can Tony Teach You About Skincare?

Were so glad you asked.

First of all Tony is not just a speaker and coach for business people.  He is much more than that. If you have ever read any of his books or bought any programs. You find that he is all about taking care of yourself first before anything else.

He calls it mastering every area of you life. 

And the first thing on that list is a positive attitude. 

How A Positive Attitude Helps Your Skin

Everyday, life gets in the way and many times is becomes stressful.  So what do we do? Well, we eat bad meals like fast food when we are busy.  And, we don't take time for ourselves to treats us better.

But having a positive attitude is much more than just thinking you are ok. 

It should be a daily ritual where you practice incantations and work towards truly being positive.

And what does this have a direct effect on? You guessed it, your SKIN!

You see, when you are truly in a more positive state, you make better decisions in your life.  And when you do that, you begin doing things like take care of your skin properly.  Or at least you seek out ways to improve your skin. 

But you have to make it your focus. 

Nutrition And Your Aging Skin

Another huge area Tony focuses on is quality nutrition. Notice how we said quality. Tony focuses on getting energy from a plant based diet. 

This involves eating the right balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, legumes, nuts and plant based milks in your diet.

When you focus on a more plant based diet you being to see results in your energy, focus and sometimes chronic diseases. All of which can lead to better looking skin.

Adding Supplements To Your Diet

Yes, Tony even has a supplements company called lifeforce nutraceuticals. He is a big believer in adding vitamins to your daily routine to supplement your diet.

His Peak HealthSpan vitamin includes vitamin D3 which can greatly help your skin to be more vibrant.

Other supplements include probiotics which help with gut health.  Getting your gut balanced can greatly affect the quality of your skin.


Tony knows that hydration is key to everything skin.  Tony has been drinking purified alkaline water from the start.  He ads that its not just about drinking old tap water.  Tony shows us that you can hydrate with green drinks and coconut water which helps with electrolytes.

And he doesn't just hydrate from the inside.  Tony also adds ingredients like coconut oil to his skin. 

He also has a pool at his home in Florida specially made form him which is set at 57 degrees. He then jumps in and stays submerged for as long as he can.  He says this helps to wake up not only his body but helps his skin, by reducing inflammation. 


Tony is a big believer in meditation and taking time out for you. Reliving stress with meditation can help your skin.

You see, if you are stressed all the time, this can have detrimental effects on your body one of which is your skin.  Taking time to destress can help your body get in better alignment and also help your skin look better.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Tony is huge in exercise and losing weight. Many people come to him just for advice in these two areas alone. Exercise alone can help reduce anxiety and depression. And as you guessed it when you alleviate those symptoms it helps with how your skin looks.

Having Gratitude

Tony says giving is the secret to living.  And, we believe he is right. You see, when you are giving to others your are a much happier person.  This is turn helps you to feel better.

All of this can help your body get to where it needs to be.

Cleansing and Detoxing

This is perhaps one of the most important take aways from this article. Tiny talks about cleaning out your gas tank and releasing your body of toxins. This all part of Tony's Biohacking.

Tony says you have to clear out your body before you can strengthen it.

Tony has some pretty cool ways he talks about that all affect your skin.  You see, taking care of your skin fully and looking at everything as a whole.  Is what can drive better looking skin while feeling better.

The next time you think your skin could look better.  Ask yourself if you are feeling as good as you should be?  And if the answer is no.  Then you may need a full overall plan to help you achieve better looking skin.


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