Skincare for Older Skin

Skincare for older skin becomes important after your late 30s. Skin damage can happen for many reasons, from not taking care of your skin to sun damage. And, with proper skin care and maintenance, you can help lessen some looks of old age with anti aging skincare.

If you started your skincare routine in your early 20s or 30s you have a much better chance of your skin aging well.

There are also things you can do such as not smoking and staying hydrated, that will go a long way in helping you look younger as you age.

However, there can also be some genetic issues when you get older you will need medical treatment for.

This makes it important to always talk to a dermatologist for proper medical advice about skincare for older skin. Your skin goes through many changes as your age.    

Older Skin Problems & Issues

Fine lines and wrinkles. These are a problem for most everyone as we age.  Our bodies produce less collagen, which creates cracks, lines and more. And for many women, this can be unsightly and lead to depression and more.

Crepy Skin. Skin can be crepy anywhere on the body, especially after your 50s. And can happen for various reasons. By learning the fundamentals of skincare you can help ease some of these issues. See our guide to crepy skin and our crepy skin products.  


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Sagging Skin. This can happen to anyone at almost any age. Losing skin elasticity can also happen anywhere on the body.

Age spots. Age spots are typically a result of sun exposure and are frequently harmless. Many women, however, say they are unsightly and bothersome.

Preventing skin issues as you age

There are steps you can take with skincare for older skin to help ease or not have skin issues as you age. Some can go a long way and others can supply you with minimal results. Frequently, seeing results is a result of consistently and actively maintaining a skincare routine.

Sun protection - keeping your skin protected from long-term sun exposure is one of the most effective ways to stop skin issues, especially in older age. We don't think about it often and some sun is actually good for our skin because of the vitamin d it provides. However, too much sun can wreak havoc and cause all kinds of skin issues.

Keeping your skin hydrated - Making sure your skin has adequate hydration is another key to younger, better looking skin. There are products that will help with skin hydration on the market. You usually apply them once or twice daily. Also, drinking enough water can help your skin.

Lifestyle choices - Making sure you don't do things such as smoking and try as much as you can to reduce stress can go a long way in helping your skin. 

Keeping a healthy diet - Make sure to only eat wholesome, real, non-processed foods. The problem with today's American standard diet is everything is processed, which can lead to many health issues of your body and skin. 

Dry Skin - Dry skin is one of those things that can happen for often during the winter months. But, it can also show during the summer months as well. It may be tempting to scratch dry skin spots, but doing so will only exacerbate them.

Your best bet is to use a hydrating skin care lotion daily to heal the skin.

What Can You Do For Your Skin As You Age?

What you need to do from now on is to incorporate a daily skin care regimen. There are also products you can get from your local dermatologist for wrinkles if you choose. Products such as Retin-A (Tretinoin) take a while to fully work but can do wonders for your skin. You will have to go through a skin purge at first, that may last a couple of months.

But by combining products from your doctor and other home skin care you can start to see results over time and restore the elasticity in your skin.