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The truth behind skin care labels

It’s easy to believe that all skin care products on the market are full of ingredients that are good for you and kind to the skin, but unfortunately, not all of them are.

Searching for anti-aging skin care products can be a difficult task these days, as there are so many beauty-related terms to interpret. Words like “natural” or “clean”, paraben-free and fragrance-free, among others. So, what do these terms really mean?

At TRUPURE Organics, our owner Paulette Kaplan and our team want you to become your own skin care expert. With a little guidance, you can learn which ingredients are good, how the skin changes over time, and how to care for your skin. Not only this, but you’ll also understand a little more about skin care labels.

Trupure works with real chemists who formulate our brand products to bring you the best all natural and safe products!  

So, here’s the breakdown.

The truth behind parabens, phthalates and GMOs

Parabens are used in beauty products to preserve shelf life by preventing mold and bacteria. You might find these listed as butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. Parabens can potentially disrupt our hormones, leading to reproductive issues and breast cancer. 

Phthalates are used in cosmetics as softeners. They are known to be endocrine disruptors and are linked to breast cancer and reproductive birth defects. Phthalates are also known to have some possible effects on hormones.

TruePure never uses Parabens or Phthalates.  Period. 

The World Health Organization defines GMOs as “organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally.” Also called “genetic engineering.” 

There is controversy surrounding the use of GMOs.  While approximately 90% of scientists support their use, only about a third of the public is convinced of their safety.  Some benefits are clear: 

For instance, farmers can increase yields on crops like corn and soybeans by up to a third, and fortify rice with nutrients all of which can vastly improve the health and quality of life for millions of people. 

On the other hand, GMOs can encourage the use of harsher pesticides that harm both humans and the environment.  Obviously, this can be of special concern with skin care products in particular. 

Moreover, since TruePure only uses ingredients that are supported by scientific research, the substitution of an altered organism, a GMO, would potentially compromise the relevance of such research. 

TruePure is committed to not using GMOs.

The truth behind “natural” and “clean”

Natural” generally means that ingredients are sourced from nature, typically plants and fruits. If a skin care product labels itself as “natural”, it may contain as few as one natural ingredient. 

The trouble is that many mainstream “natural” products can also contain unnatural ingredients. 

Companies might include unnatural ingredients to cut their own costs or extend shelf life, at the expense of the environment or the quality of your skin care.  It’s shocking that a product can contain only a small fraction of natural ingredients to earn the label “natural”.

Examples of natural products that are well researched and profoundly effective include:  plant-based stem cells, bio-retinols, botanical extracts, peptides, oils, and juices. 

These ingredients target dry or sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and crepey neck. They contain the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that feed the skin and are vital to repair, revitalize and restore. 

We have already discussed the well-researched benefits of these ingredients in previous chapters.

When it comes to fragrances in “natural” products, they are generally made with essential oils.

These can also be harmful to the skin, especially sensitive skin. So, it is best to opt for products that are scented from a natural source like fruit extracts or plants:  Such products are said to be “naturally scented”.

Clean Does Not Mean Natural

Clean” means that a product doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, such as parabens, fragrances, petrolatums, etc. Don’t be fooled though, as “clean” doesn’t necessarily mean “natural”, they may simply contain safe man-made ingredients.

To summarize:  The labels “clean” and “natural” are a good starting point, but you MUST check the ingredients list to ensure that all ingredients are safe.

TruPure Organics is committed to using 100% clean and natural ingredients as possible with all our products and ingredients.

Why Transparency Is Important

We don’t think it’s right to advertise something as pure and natural skincare and spotlight on a few included plants, only to have a load of unhealthy chemicals on the label.

While not everything synthetic is harmful to skin, we don’t cut corners and are committed to only using healthy ingredients

 Never Found in Our Formulas

  • parabens
  • GMOs
  • phthalates
  • synthetic fragrances
  • artificial dyes
  • petrochemicals
  • sulfates
  • petrolatum
  • silicones
  • mineral oil
  • DEA
  • phosphates
  • PEGs
  • formaldehydes
  • aluminum compounds
  • ethoxylated agents
  • hydroquinone
  • talc
  • triclosan
  • silica
  • oxybenzone

 Why Glass Outshines Plastic: We use it for all our products. 

  • It’s continually recyclable if you decide not to clean and reuse 
  • Some ingredients can have a reaction with plastic, leeching its chemicals into the product and then onto skin
  • It has a longer shelf-life over a plastic container of the same kind so ingredients stay robust and work to full capacity

 Special Packaging Keeps Contaminants Out and Off Your Skin

We use special glass dropper tops for our serums that are designed to reseal the ingredients after every time it’s used.

And our jars have a unique cushioned cover. Both of these features help to keep the products free of contaminants that can harm skin.

Zero Animal Testing

We love our furry friends and never test products on them. We have plenty of humans willing to test our formulas. We are cruelty-free.

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