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Signs of aging also show below the chin

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Faces are known to be the focal point of a woman’s anti-aging skincare routine. The naked truth is that the unwanted signs of aging also show below the chin. Sagging and crepey skin will reveal itself on the neck and down into the décolletage.

These zones are regularly exposed to the sun’s damaging UV and UVB photo-aging rays.  And most women would confess to not giving the same skincare attention to their neck and décolletage as they have paid to their face. Combine these factors along with the role of genetics and the natural aging process and you have the loss of once firm, youthful skin.


Helps Build Critical Collagen with Safe, Plant-based Bio-Retinol

Topical retinoids are the most prescribed active ingredient for aging skin. One main reason is their incredible ability to promote building collagen on the cellular level. Collagen is critical to seeing plumper, younger looking skin. We have gone a step further by using a safe, cutting-edge plant-based bioretinol.

Plant-based Bio-Retinol:

  • Reaches the skin’s deep layers within hours
  • Encourages much-needed collagen production
  • Fights aging effects of skin inflammation and protects against further damage
  • More shelf stable than mainstream retinoids

    Noticeably Firms and Tones with Fruit Extracts & Botanical Lipids

    Elastin is a key player in the war against sagging skin. Scientifically proven fruit extracts and botanical lipids promote skin’s elastin production in these specific zones. This results in a visible uplifting boost of firmer and toner skin.


    Noticeably Firms and Tones with Fruit Extracts & Botanical Lipids

    Deeply Moisturizes & Retextures Skin with Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil and Hyaluronic Acid & Acai 

    Moisturized and hydrated skin looks radiant and healthy. As we age the skin produces less oil naturally, leaving complexions looking dry and saggy. Our rich cream is crafted with a powerhouse of ingredients found in nature to give skin the intensive moisture and hydration it’s lacking. This hand-picked combination of cannabidiol (CBD), hyaluronic acid, and sterols work moisturizes and retexturing deep within the skin while fighting water loss.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil - It has this amazing capacity to penetrate deep within the skin and stimulate its natural production of oils. Skin-loving amino acids, omega and fatty acids, essential vitamins, and minerals encourage a smoother texture

    Hyaluronic acid - Provides mega moisture and fights off wrinkles from the inside out, holding 1,000 times its weight in water

    Acai Sterols – The isolated fatty acid of this super fruit is high in providing the skin with abundant antioxidants and dramatically increasing moisture levels

    No More Crépe Neck and Décolletage Cream

    No More Crepey Neck and Décolletage Cream results in a visibly firmer and plumper looking and feeling skin.  In less than a month of using twice a day, studies have shown a 50% increase in firmness and a 70% improvement in skin's elasticity.

    • Helps build collagen and elastin for plumper skin
    • Promotes thicker skin (thinner skin looks crepey)
    • Firms and tones
    • Deeply moisturizes and retextures
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