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Day and night facial skin care routine for in women in menopause

Alice Baxter

Posted on December 09 2020

 skin aging can start with menopause

Age is not the only factor of maturing skin, there are other considerations such as; genetics, daily facial care, environmental factors, and skin type. Also, let’s not forget the few decades in life that mark an important change in the skin, the menopause.

Every woman’s skin is different. However, there is an essential rule for all, and it is a good day and night facial routine for those suffering from menopause, which should include a series of products with active ingredients to provide the best possible care.

So, let’s start with a good day facial routine:

  1. Facial cleansing

For women who want to establish a serious skincare routine during menopause, we recommend a facial cleanse first thing. For this first step, it is important to apply a small amount of cleanser, really massaging it into the skin so that dirt and oil build-up from the night can be easily removed.

Women over 40 need to preserve as much moisture in the skin as possible, and this is possible when using products with active hydration-boosting ingredients.

  1. Serums

Serums contain the active ingredients necessary to improve hydration and firmness. Thanks to their lightweight consistency, they are easily absorbed and sink deeper into the skin layers. Depending on the ingredients they contain, they have multiple benefits on the skin such as fading dark spots, providing much-needed moisture, and lifting.

Avoid rubbing the product into your hands first, apply 2 to 3 drops directly to the face and neck after cleansing, or drop a small amount onto the back of your hand and use your fingers to apply it.

Why not try our Lift/Sculpt Age Renewal Serum?

  1. Eye contour

During menopause, it is very common to see the eyes sink due to the loss of collagen fibers, causing fine lines and deep eye wrinkles to become more visible. To reduce the signs of aging around the eyes, look for specific ingredients in serums that combat dry skin, like amino acid peptides, echinacea stem cells and red and green algae.

The application of the eye contour is done day and night by taking a small amount of product and applying it with little touches in a semi-circle under the eye, following the bone. If you don’t already own an eye serum, take a look at our very own Eye/Hand Age Renewal Serum.

  1. Contour of the lips

The skin around the lips just as important as the rest of the skin. Avoiding the area can trigger premature aging and signs of dryness, dark spots due to sun exposure, and small wrinkles around the edge of the lip can start to appear.

The most effective treatment for the lips is a highly concentrated serum and protection with sunscreen.

  1. Moisturizing

The facial moisturizer for the day should be light and easily absorbed, lighter in summer, and a little denser for the winter months. An ideal cream is one that contains moisture-boosting ingredients, such as our Supreme Moisturizer Anti-Aging Serum. This is great for women with menopause.

  1. Sunscreen

All facial skin routines in the morning should be finished with sunscreen. Even if you are at home, it is important to remember that if you are going to spend hours in front of the computer you should apply sunscreen since the blue light from televisions, cell phones, and laptops also affects the skin.


Now, onto the night facial routine:

During the night is when your skin cells are at their most active - they are in repair mode. So, it is important to apply the best and most powerful anti-aging products during this routine.

  1. Double cleanse

The reason we recommend a double cleanse is to really rid the skin of any dirt and grime from the day so that it doesn’t rest on your skin while you sleep. So, start with a deep, thorough cleanse first, and a gentle cleanse second to ensure the skin is clean.

  1. Serum

For mature or menopausal skin, an anti-aging rich serum for the evening is advised as the skin cells work harder during the night, retaining any drop of moisture or benefit, targeting deep wrinkles and dry skin. However, if a rich serum feels too heavy, then opt for the same serum you used in the morning. If you would prefer just a night cream for moisture, then you can leave the serum out.

  1. Night cream

Anti-aging creams for the night are much denser due to the high content of active ingredients and vitamins they have. They are perfect for while you are sleeping as your skin is bare and can absorb all the goodness without being overloaded by environmental factors or makeup. Apply a small amount to the face, massaging in the product in upward circular movements.

  1. Neck and décolleté cream

The neck and décolleté are often areas that are overlooked in skincare routines but are just as important!  During menopause, a sagging neck and crepey neck can occur, due to loss of moisture. That’s why a powerful anti-aging wrinkle cream is essential as a nighttime step. Need to find one? We’ve got you covered with our No More Crêpe Neck and Décolletage Cream. Apply in upward movements to pull the skin up, rather than down.


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